• March 5, 2014
    Flappin' Off: A Guide To All Games Flappy

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  • Zombie Night Terror Review
    Indie, Reviews, Video Games
    If you have reached the tolerance level of the traditional zombie game, Zombie Night Terror is a breath of fresh air that you should check out.
  • Horror month on nerdlife halloween and horror reviews, articles, and features
    The Halloween Update
    Site News
    It's October and everyone knows what that means! It's time for our Halloween makeover. Just like we have done every year, NerdLife will be covering all sorts of games dealing with the creepy and the spooky.
  • Chris Metzen retiring from Blizzard
    Chris Metzen Leaves Blizzard
    News, Video Games
    I haven't played World of Warcraft for a few years now. I spent a good deal of time buried in the world of Azeroth, especially in college. It was an amazing experience that I eventually grew apart from. I didn't like the changes that came over the years and I walked away right before The Mists of Pandaria.
  • Agony first person horror game extended trailer.
    Agony Extended Trailer (NSFW)
    Trailer, Video Games
    The lunatics behind the up and coming first person horror game Agony dropped an extended trailer on us earlier this week. This trailer is incredibly graphic but definitely illustrates the themes we expect from the game. Consequently the warning bumper before the video starts ISN'T A JOKE.
  • Heroes of the Storm Machines of War announced
    Machines of War Update Announced
    News, Trailer, Video Games
    Blizzard just dropped a bunch of major announcement at Gamescom 2016 involving Heroes of the Storm. For some time fans have been anticipating the next round of updates. It has been general knowledge that the next major update would involve Star Craft since the last 2 were World of Warcraft and Diablo.
  • The Final Station Trailer
    The Final Station Trailer
    Trailer, Video Games
    Trains are often considered a relaxing form of travel. Lying back in your seat while the world whips past the window, while the car gently rocks you to sleep. Unless of course you are trying to manage sick and dying passengers.