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State of Affairs 5/2013


Greetings again everyone, we hope you are having a great day. We are here yet again to provide you with an update. We have quite a few things going on for the month of May ; building, parties, growing, and more giveaways.


Hooray! The Gaming With Scissors website has been doing great. How great you ask? Well we just had our 250,000th hit on the site. We are growing in leaps and bounds much to our surprise. In a move to make life better for everyone we are going to be rebuilding the GWS site. The new website has been in the making for quite some time now and we are getting close to completion. we are around the 70% complete point. In the next few weeks we will flip the switch on the new site with what we hope is no complications.

The new site will include a much cleaner layout, easier navigation, changing how our reviews on games are done, as well as many other new features. Keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter for the updates.


Would you like to meet and or hang-out with the Gaming With Scissors crew? Then on June 21st-23rd you should come to the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in Dallas, Tx. We will be there hanging out, playing some games, and maybe giving away some free stuff.


We love what we do, and we want to continue doing it. Would you like to help support Gaming With Scissors? Want to help us make it better? Well you can! If you were not aware, we have a shop where you can buy some pretty awesome shirts and other merchandise. Go there and spend all of your hard earned money so that we can afford to keep the website up, be able to provide you with entertaining content, and so we can continue to giveaway awesome things.

We will also be putting together a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo shortly. These funds will go towards purchasing some much needed equipment and funding shows and projects we have on the horizon. We will be posting more info shortly, so keep checking back.


Now everyone likes free stuff, so how about this month? This month we will be giving away a few games:

  • Shoot Many Robots
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Duke Nukem Forever (yeah so what it’s free!)

Like always we just want to say thank you to everyone for supporting the website and telling your friends and family. We couldn’t do this without everyone’s support. See you guys next month at SGC in Dallas TX.


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