About Us

Gaming With Scissors was started as an alternative to the big review sites. We strive to bring an alternative view on games and the gaming industry. Meet our team below, and thank you for supporting our site!



Owner / Contributing Editor

I am the owner and contributing editor of the greatest website ever. Host of the GWS podcast, Let's Wrastle, Piper Cannot Play, Retro City, and many other things.


Senior Editor

My name is john and I know 2 things, video games and Deadpool. I also know how to turn a cat into a barber. Cat's make very good barbers.


Indie Games Editor

Hello. I'm Matt, an avid gamer living the life. Plain and simple. For some reason I am forced to play sports and tile match games exclusively. Save me from this hell!


Site Administrator / Technical Editor

I am Micah and I fix everything that's broken with this site. I also cover all of the technical articles on the site. I am also the host of Project:MMO.


Retro Games Editor

Tennessee boy who loves old games and some new! I am King of the Gradius and destroyer of Bowser. Host of GWS Podcast, Let's Wrastle, and Retrocity. Also one of the cool kids.


Reviews Editor

I review games for this site. If you want to give me a virtual high 5 hit me up on twitter. I'll find it, but I won't kill it. Now what about my dynamite?