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Want to catch up on the Diablo story by playing Diablo 2 on your Mac? If you have the most recent version of OSX (Lion) then that will not happen without some assistance.

Things you will need

1. Diablo 2 and LOD Discs (you only need the LOD discs if you want to play LOD)
2. Mac OS 9.0.0 (any OS 8.1 to 9.0.4 should work. But I tested it on 9.0.0)

Follow these instructions

1. Download the latest sheepshaver here:…

2. Download the Mac OS Rom here

3. Follow all the instructions to set up Sheepshaver here…mac_os_x_setup

[toggle title=”Side Notes”]Set the sheepshaver (OS9) ram to 512MB. That will help a lot.
Make a shared foder. And just throw it in the Sheepshaver folder. This folder is your link between OS X and OS9. OS9 side it looks like a HDD called Unix. When you make your main HDD (Disc image) for OS 9. Make it 3000 MB (roughly 3GB is size.
Do not use the OS 9 set up assistant. I just crashes. So quit it right away.
Set the OS 9 screen size to 800×600. That’s the LOD resolution and it works well that way,[/toggle]

4. From now on everything downloaded for OS 9 put in the shared folder on your host OS (Lion). Make sure not to add or remove anything from the shared folder while OS9 is running in sheepsaver, and don’t run anything is OS 9 from the shared folder. Always copy it to the OS 9 desktop first.

5. Download Open GL 1.2.1 here:
And install it OS 9.

6. Download Carbon Lib 1.6 here:
And install it OS 9.

7. Install Diablo 2 and LOD in OS 9 from the CDs.
Make sure to put the CD in before you start OS 9. Make sure the CD is read OS X side then run OS 9. After Diablo 2 installs you have to quit Sheepshaver (OS 9) and eject Diablo 2 and insert the LOD disc and then restart OS 9. Then install LOD. This is kind of a pain to deal with.

8. Once LOD is installed there is a couple game files not installed on the Disc. Copy those over to your LOD folder.

9. Get Info – the LOD app in OS 9 and set the memory to 102400K (100MB) for the minimum and preferred size.

10. Run LOD (or Diablo 2) in OS 9. And connect to in game. It will auto patch you to the latest patch. This is good cause I tried the stand alone patches and they didn’t work for me. This also applies the no CD patch.

I know this requires a little bit of work to get everything up and running but well worth it if you want to play a classic on your not game friendly Mac.