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Tired of those pesky TERA branding slash videos and the cinematic intro trailer?

Here are a few simple steps to bypass them.

***Please be aware this could be a violation of the TERA EULA.***

1. Locate the game installation, here is an example path: C:\Program Files\TERA

2: Once inside the TERA directory navigate to the following:  \Client\S1Game\CookedPC\Art_Data\Packages\Video

[one_half last=”no”]

3. There are 4 file names you need to change:

  • intro_atari.bik
  • intro_bhs.bik
  • intro_eme.bik
  • Prologue_kor.bik


[one_half last=”yes”]

4. Be sure to change the file names for example intro_atari.bik to intro_atari_old.bik.

Launch TERA, the videos will be skipped and you will land directly on the character selection screen!  Enjoy!

Alternate method:

Spam ESC for each video.