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Wii U Has Updates A Plenty

With this review, I am not trying to shine a negative light on one of my favorite consoles, but I just want people out there who are facing the same issues that we are, to know that they are not alone in their frustration.

After much waiting and anticipation, the day finally came and we went to pick up our much anticipated Wii U. We get it home and turn it on only to find that we had to do an update for it. OK that’s fine. We start the update. 30 minutes pass and then that turns into an hour and it is still updating.

So then my boyfriend goes to the greatness that is the Internets to look up to see how long the update will take. We find out that not only will the update take an hour and half but its also five gigs!!! Five gigs!!! So for the people who bought the 8 gig version already more than half of their memory is gone. IT IS ALL GONE, AND FOR WHAT?! WTF Nintendo? Lets just calm down here, deep breaths it will be OK.

So finally the update finishes and we get prepped to play Nintendoland. We put the disc in only to learn that the game had to do an update. A feeling of dread came over us. Ah, but the anxiety was soon lifted as it didn’t take very long.

We Finally Get To Play

We get started with the game and the first thing we notice is that the robot guide for Nintendoland is becoming increasingly annoying (can anyone say clippy?). I ignore this keeping in mind that this game is geared toward children.

Passing another obstacle we get ready to play the Zelda quest on two player mode. We go through the tutorial which is all fine and good. Now finally we are ready to play… until our next problem occurs.

My boyfriend is using the gamepad and the OK in the middle of the screen to start the game is not responding to touch. NERD RAGE! So we restart the Wii U and go back into the game. Still will not work. We go back and put it on one player and one player works fine. We go back to another two player game, go through the tutorial and the same things happens. So it seems to me that the Wii U hates me having friends. On a positive note, Luigi’s haunted mansion works just fine.

Other than the problems listed above, the Wii U is working flawlessly. It synced with the TV perfectly and we have no problem playing the new Super Mario Brothers. The internet function works well and the browser is quite impressive. And as always back to the roots of the original Nintendo fun. Strangely enough the “Mii Makers” is still one of my favorite parts.

When all is said and done I really enjoy the Wii U. Thank you Nintendo even if you did waste a portion of my life with your stupid updates.

What are your first impressions of the Wii U, or the direction that Nintendo is taking their product line? Let us know in the comments below.