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We here at Gaming With Scissors are huge fans of Torchlight 2. TL2 could quite possibly one of the best games to come out in 2012. Runic got everything right about this game, from style to the way your character progress. The one real sour spot in the game (for myself and many others) is the lack of a true respec of your skills.

Yes you can remove the last 5 skills you have picked up but that’s more like adding salt to a “i picked up skill X when I actually wanted skill Y 6 levels ago”. So what is a gamer who loves to experiment do? Why we use the Internet as a resource. Low and behold I have found an answer and it is called Rapid Respec. With a few simple clicks you can have a completely blank slate to tinker and toy with to your heart’s content.

Rapid Respec is a third-party tool for Torchlight 2 that allows you to do an entire laundry list of jobs. This wonderful and high quality tool was developed by the group ClockWork Core, a fansite “dedicated to producing free software useful to TL2 fans and providing useful information to hobbyist hackers”. One of the great aspects of Torchlight and Torchlight 2 is the openness and willing of the developers to support instead of punish the modding community.

Here are a few things that Rapid Respec can be used for:

  • Free, unlimited respec of attributes, skills, and spells.
  • Faster (and more forgiving of mistakes) than the in-game interface with a respec mod, especially for high-level characters.
  • Optional character legitimacy controls to restrict build possibilities to only those that could have been produced through normal gameplay. (If you use these, your character will not be labeled as a cheater.)
  • Guild-Wars-style load and save builds with a single click. (A customizable scaling and breakpointing algorithm adapts builds across different character and fame levels.)
  • Guilds-Wars-style build codes for sharing builds over forums or in-game chat.
  • Aesthetic controls — change your character’s name, sex, face, hairstyle, hair color, bandana color (Outlander), pet name, and pet type.

    And what I do not condone what so ever, EVER!

  • Cheats — give your character more gold, clone your character, change single-player difficulty level, resurrect dead hardcore characters, promote a softcore character to hardcore, and (resurrect and) demote a hardcore character to softcore. (Your character will not be labeled as a cheater.)

Here are a few screenshots of the application in action:


Download Rapid Respec Here

I highly suggest giving Rapid Respec a try. It is a easy to use and well written piece of software created by an amazing community. For more projects by ClockWork Core check them out at

For a complete out line of how Rapid Respec works check out the help files @