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It is always a sad day when your favorite things finally die. Yesterday was the final episodes of every gamers favorite television shows; X-Play and Attack of the Show. This was not so bad as we have had time to accept the sad fate of the G4TV channel since October. While we really had no time to digest the second bit of sad story. THQ officially dissolved as a company as of January 23, 2013. “The end is near, the end is here!”

Deep breaths, ok, so what does this mean for all the amazing titles that THQ had rights to? WHERE WILL THEY GO? ARE THEY DEAD AND GONE? Luckily the answer to that question is a resounding no. So what will happen to them? They were actually auctioned off in a court to the highest bidder (think Auction Wars with more nerds and less antique lamps).

Here is how all the sales broke down:

  • Company of Heroes and Warhammer 40,000 developer Relic Entertainment is going to Sega.
  • Saints Row developer Volition, Inc. and the Metro series are going to Koch Media (Deep Silver).
  • The Homefront franchise is going to Crytek.
  • THQ Montreal and the South Park license are going to Ubisoft.
  • Evolve, a game in development by Turtle Rock Studios (which worked on Left 4 Dead), is going to Take-Two Interactive.

The one name you will see absent from this list is Darksiders. Unfortunately Darksiders is hanging in Limbo with no current buyer. Fingers crossed that one of the biggest intellectual properties of 2012 finds a new and loving home. The fans deserve a closing to this amazing story.

The world will miss you THQ, may we see you again in the great beyond.

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Original Information: PC Gamer