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Greetings fellow gamers, another month has passed and we are still here and we have some fun stuff to share.

Going forward every few months we will be celebrating a specific genre of game. So to start this off we are going to make this month MOBA month. What is MOBA you may be asking? MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. These are those super popular and competitive, team based games (think tower defense with a team with a ton of strategy).

During MOBA month you will find reviews, gameplay videos, downloadable content, and the introduction of a short series that we will run this month called “What Is MOBA?”. Here is a look at the extended intro video for the series:

To go along with the dedication of MOBA games, we will be giving away quite a few things this month. Keep an eye out for all the give-aways for your chance to win things. What are we giving away? how about this:

5 copies of DoTa2
1 copy of Dungeon Defenders
1 copy of Awesomenauts

Outside of the genre dedication month we will also be continuing our normal reviews and web series on their normal schedule. All technical issues have been settled and we again apologize for the lack of frequency. Thanks for bearing with us while we sweep out all our bugs.

We really appreciate you guys, and thanks for all the positive comments and criticisms.