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The internet is abuzz today with the news that the employees from Lucasarts lost their jobs and all projects they were working on have been canceled.  Sorry if you were looking forward to Star Wars: 1313.  Granted this just happened today and I’m sure there will be rumors abound.  However that’s not what I want to touch on, I’d like to touch on the good memories I’ve had of Lucasarts and their many fine games.  Lucasarts and I haven’t really known each other too well lately, I did enjoy the Monkey Island remakes and Star Wars: Empire at War was really good also.



I’m not going to go through the history of Lucasarts or anything that’s what Wikipedia is for, what I want to do is share my experience that I’ve had with this wonderful company that like so many lately seem to be disappearing.  If’ you’ve read my latest review you already know the first game I played from Lucasarts was.  If not you can find it here There were so many great games in the early 80’s and late 90’s.  The Monkey Island series was hilarious and still is today, X-wing vs. Tie Fighter, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango. The list goes on and on, anytime that I heard Lucasarts was coming out with something I had to have it.  They did have their bad games too like any company. It would take way too long to break down every game this company made.  They did adventure games, strategy games, flight sims, FPS.  Not any company is perfect, but to me Lucasarts could have come close to being one when I was a kid.  In tribute to this once great company and my sorry to seeing them go I will make April Lucasarts month on my reviews so stay tuned for that please.

I think April 3rd should be Lucasarts Day and in celebration of it everyone should play at least one Lucasarts game they own. And if they don’t own one they should buy one. Steam has some great Lucasarts game that aren’t very expensive at all.

You will be missed Lucasarts thanks for making my childhood awesome.  You will always be one of the greatest gaming company I’ve ever known.