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Day 1 at SGC 2013 seemed to be a great way to start everything off. Based on what was posted it is rather obvious it was just us eating food all day long and playing some video games. Despite the first appearance we actually did something while we were there.


We are here for business so lets do some business I say. Why not listen to a few panels? Day 2 was full of very interesting topics and even more interesting people. More than anything I think Adam Sesssler was the high point of the day. His talks were very insightful, educational, and entertaining. We also had the liberty of hearing Jim Sterling speak as well as a few other notable individuals.


Oh yea and there were people dressed up as things.







But we came to SGC 2013 for a reason, games. We had the great pleasure to meet many developers as well as play a few really high quality games. We even got our hands on the new OUYA (you need to buy one of these). We will be posting our top 5 games from SGC2013 later today as well as an interview with David Tran from Syraca Studios.


So in closing David is a bum who sleeps in hotel bars.



  • David Packett

    I am not a bum! I do sleep in hotel bars though.

    • Gamebuddy Funcast

      Dave I think that makes you kind of a bum it could be worse though.

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