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My first gaming con has come and gone.  Good times were had all around and there was some standing in line which wasn’t so good.  Good video games and good panels and also most important good people.  I got their Thursday evening in hopes of catching a internet celebrity here and there coming in.  I did get to meet one in fact and talk to him some.  For those of you unfamiliar this is Youtube’s The Completionist who has a very entertaining show I suggest you look him up sometime!



Also there was a nerd  at SGC2013.  Oh and also an Angry Nerd as well!

Angry Nerd


Another good group of guys from over at RetrowareTV were there as well.  However they did bring the value of my “rare” Fester’s Quest down some!


Fester Front Fester Back


However one person who couldn’t be there in person was there in spirit, and one guy in the lower left didn’t like it at all!

Put it

Grabbing a quick pic with The Spoony One and Adam Sessler was a rare treat also.

Sessler Spoony


So in a nutshell everyone was pretty laid back and just having a good time.  It was a little slow coming out of the gate just waiting on everything to get rolling, however once it did I didn’t want it to end.  This is just some of the highlights I had while here if you want a more detailed description of what took place you’ll need to read what Piper will have to say about the experience.  For me it was meeting a lot of cool people and eating good food and meeting good friends.

Food Josh


  • TheRetroNerd

    You bastard…I missed out on everything. Why’d it have to be so expensive to travel there! Why?!