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The highlight of all video games is and will always be those epic boss battles. Being that this is October and we all want to get scared, why not take a look back at those boss fights that made us wet our pants as a youngster with the top 5 scariest retro bosses.

Number 5 – Red Falcon Revisited (Super C for NES)

Everyone who has ever picked up a Contra game knows that Contra hates you with every fiber of it’s being, and yes Contra is alive and capable of hating you. Merciless and brutal unless you were a platforming prodigy or a glutton for punishment the classic Konami cheat code was your best friend. Making your way through the 1988 classic Super C you experienced many different and disturbing enemies, but none as simply disgusting as the scary face lady robot (or Red Falcon in its final form). Whatever designer decided creating a robot devil monster with a partial lady’s head peering from its jaws was a good idea should be punched by everyone everywhere. There is just something creepy and twisted about this incredibly easy to beat final boss. Thanks Konami, you are the devil.


Number 4 – Bobby Barrows aka Scissor Man (Clock Tower series)

Oh why there is nothing like a casual stroll through a dank and creepy mansion. A place where absolutely no bad could come to these young travelers I mean, OH GOD WHAT IS THAT?! That’s a little boy and he is going to kill you! Nothing is scarier than a deformed ghoulish boy chasing down women with the largest pair of shears one could ever imagine. What’s worse is you are trapped in this point and click game without the ability to run or even adequately hide. The tension of “move faster you jerk” will constantly course through your veins as you are stalked by ole’ Bobby Barrows, the Scissor Man. Just be prepared to jump out of your skin on a regular basis.


Number 3 – Mother Brain (Super Metroid for SNES)

Metroid is one of those classic series that everyone knows and loves. It’s an over the top platformer full of over the top bad guys. This is especially apparent in Super Metroid. As you work your way through the bosses you will fight a bird med, statues, killer plants, and giant lizardy beasts. All of these bosses are crazy and over the top up until you reach the final boss, Mother Brain. Entering the last room you are left in a fit of panic. The final boss is large, scary, and you have not been prepared for what you are seeing. Mother Brain is not scary in the traditional sense, more scary in a HOLY BALLS WHAT IS THAT THING!



Number 2 – The Evil One (Splatterhouse 2 for Sega Genesis)

By today’s standards this final boss doesn’t seem like much at all, but in 1992 this was a real stomach churner. At the end of Splatterhouse 2 you must destroy the creature only known as “The Evil One”. Essentially this equates to a giant ball of floating meat that shoots more meat shaped like wolf heads and other assorted things. If this last boss happened to be a truck full of kitties this would still be one of the most disturbing bosses solely based on everything else that happens in this game. To this day it is still a rather disturbing experience.


Number 1 – Giygas (Earthbound SNES)

Earthbound was one of those ground breaking experiences that hid under the radar until eventually evolving into a cult phenomenon. A very stylistic and cutely animated RPG with a hidden secret, the single scariest boss ever created. Giygas was nothing more than a series a swirling faces churning and  squashing together but there is something genuinely disturbing about this image. To this day it still can cause nightmares. There is no blood, no guts, and no shock value. Just a disturbing look into the eye of terror.