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So, is this a real thing? Weren’t we told from the beginning that the survival/crafting game Don’t Starve was meant as a single player experience and would never be expanded out to a multiplayer game? Didn’t it just not make any sense to have a group of friends hunting turkeys or escaping from those eyeball monster things?

Reference Found Here.

Well I guess Klei has changed their mind, we can now expect a multiplayer mode to be added to Don’t Starve later this year. According to a recent forum post made by JoeW, multiplayer will implement most (if not all) of the single player features, rebalanced for a multiplayer experience. Each multiplayer game¬†will take place in either a public or private room¬†with a potential of 4+ players in each room.

Multiplayer will be available as a free update for existing players, but the price of the game will raise to $19.99 if you aren’t already an owner.

This could make one of the most enjoyable and insanely addicting games so much better if executed correctly. Keep your eye on the Klei Entertainment website for updates.

Don't Starve Together