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It’s almost that time again friends. What time you may ask? Well, time for another Battlefield game. This time it’s Battlefield Hardline and it’s open season for all you PC gamers. Previously only the overly privileged and lucky had the chance to experience the soon to be released monster. As of today though, all PC players have access to the beta.

Why You Should Play the Beta?

If you have the chance, give the beta a try. Not only is the game awesome but you also get a ton of fun perks that only people invited to the beta will have access to. These are boring things like a lame title, or a silly hat. No, you get awesome things like:

  • camo skin for your weapon
  • a weapon sight (at game launch)
  • special BF4 dog tags
  • additional Hardline content
  • reaching level 10 in the beta unlocks a special back-pack at game launch
  • linking your social media accounts will give you $1,000 in-game currency

How Do I Get Access?

If you want to try Battlefield Hardline out, simply head on over to the sign-up page. The site still says “closed beta”. Ignore this nonsense, we are PC gamers and normal rules don’t apply to us. Sign-up for your account and commence with the gun shooting and curse word practicing.

Battlefield: Hardline Beta

BF: Hardline Beta Sign-Up