What is Torchlight 2?


Torchlight 2 in its simplest form is an action-RPG dungeon crawler. The game is the second in the series that follows theoutlander-char-3

path of your chosen hero through the lands of Vilderan. The events take place where the original Torchlight left off. Years after the events of the first Torchlight (will not spoil that game if you have not played it yet), a nefarious character named Master Alric the alchemist, has become obsessed with a material called “Ember” and is attempting to siphon all of the magic from the 6 Elemental Guardians. Your quest is to set out and stop the alchemist from stealing the powers of the Elemental Guardians and restore order to the world.

Torchlight 2 is made up of 3 different acts:

Act I: Estherian Steppes
Act II: The Mana Wastes
Act III: Grunnheim
and a final mini act
Act IV: The Broken Mines 


The Story



Torchlight 2 give you the ability to craft a game that is either geared towards a casual player or the most hardcore. When starting a new character you select what difficulty that best suits your skill and play style. The different difficuly are:

  • Casual – for those who are new to the RPG or Dungeon Crawler mechanic. Also good for those new to gaming in general. This setting is essentially “Easy Mode”.
  • Normal – Slightly harder than Casual mode giving the player an increase in challenge. This mode is geared towards the player who may be new the the genre but knows their way around a video game.
  • Veteran – If you are familiar with games like Buldar’s Gate, Diablo, or other dungeon crawlers this is a good mode for you. Increased difficulty, more complex fights, and a test of your skill.
  • Elite – This mode is for the master of the dungeon crawler. If you enjoy a challenge or you really like watching your hero get slaughter by a mob of electrified, health regenerating wolves then this is where you should be.

On top of the difficulty setting you are also given the option to tac on the title of “Hardcore“. Setting your character as hardcore will truly test how amazing you are. One kill and you are dead – period. End of the line my friend, go cry to your mommy. If you can play through an Elite Hardcore game you are indeed a boss!

New Game Plus (NG+)

Once you have fought your way through Torchlight 2 you are far from done. You now have the opportunity to play through the world of Tochlight again with even more difficult enemies, stronger bosses, and much better treasure.

Once you complete the game you will unlock NG+, which will start you back at the beginning of the game with all quests reset and all fresh and undiscovered maps. All hope is not lost as you keep your current gear, gold, level, and abilities. You will also find that all the items and gold are on par with your current level as well as all monsters now have a level of at least 51…. even on the very first quest. You can complete the game on NG+ up to 5 times, each making the game harder with even better loot.

When playing NG+ in multiplayer you can only play with people who are on your tier of NG+ as well.

NG+ (Starts @ level 51)
NG+ 2 (Starts @ level 81)
NG+ 3 (Starts @ level 100)

A little side note here, your hero will stop leveling once they reach 100…. the monsters do not. They have no understanding of sleep nor care that you have reached your maximum potential. Enjoy!

NG+ 4 (Monsters start @ level 120)
NG+ 5 (Monsters start @ level 120 as well)


In Torchlight 2 there is an option to either run a single player game or a co-op multiplayer. With the co-op version of the game you can have up to 6 players in one game at a time. The actual game is not hosted on a single dedicated server as many games similar to Torchlight 2. Instead the game is hosted locally between the 2 computers. In the instance that the host drops from the game one of the other player will take over the host role. This allows for a worry free multiplayer experience that is pulled off very well.

In a multiplayer game the person who starts the game will set the difficulty level. Setting the difficulty of an online game will not limit what players can join. For instance if you have a level 28 Elite Engineer and your friend wants you to help him with his level 23 Normal Embermage, then go for it. You will not be restricted.

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