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This is the Torchlight 2 Guide…

Here you will find everything that Gaming With Scissors has to offer in the way of Runic’s hit game Torchlight 2.

Please check back as often as possible for new content.


With the Torchlight 2 guide our goal is to provide a single location that a new user will be able to find an answer for any question regarding questing, gear, classes, builds, and anything else we decide is necessary to include.  If you feel there is something missing or would like to contribute a MOD, link, build or any other information please shoot as an email.

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What Will The Guide Include?


  • Gameplay
  • Gear
  • Class Basics
  • Pets
  • Items
  • Builds
  • Quests
  • Mods
  • Tools

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What Will The Guide Not Include?


  • Cheats
  • Gold Guide
  • How To Punch Babies
  • Coordinates of Jimmy Hoffa’s Body
  • Nicolas Cage References
  • Smelly Feet
  • Men in Speedos
  • Other Terrible Things


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